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... gamifying financial seriousness.

   Get out of debt and keep track of your expenses with the gamified way!
   Finance, particularly debts, can be stressful and even cause sleeplessness.  To relieve this stress, you must take control of your financial problems by organizing your expenses and by knowing where your money is going. When this is done, you must get rid of your debts, one chunk at a time.  Yes, it can be boring and often you do not have a clue about how you will make it. And yes, it can be overwhelming. Until now. 
    With Debt Star, you will have a complete and powerful debt tracker, coaches to assist you, and, for the first time, your brain will be able to visualize your debts.  You will have instant feedback on what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. Like all goals, having them visualized is a key to success.
    Take a tour of what could change your life in a fun, completely rewarding, stress-free way:  
The gamified way.  Welcome to the Debt Star universe.
... the first step to taking control of your financial struggles.

intuitive  categories

... a visualization that shows what is a worthwhile expense and what may drag you down.

The expenses tracking

... your first offensive line.

- Over 300 professionally recorded voice lines.

- Clever strategists who will give you personal coaching tips based on your actual choices and progression.

- They will warn you if you are making a bad decision.

- They will congratulate you if you are making a good move regarding your financial situation.

- They will help you get out of your financial problems.

- They are your wingmen; you are not alone with your financial struggles anymore.

The crew